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As part of our mission statement to connect people with God and others, we desire for people to be know in a way that is not possible in a large gathering. Our home groups typically operate on Sunday evenings in homes all over Linn County. Each Sunday we provide questions based off the sermon to guide a discussion time into deeper spiritual understanding. If you are looking to connect with others, flesh out the sermon in your own life, and invest yourself with a group of loving believers, home groups is for you! Click below to get signed up!

October 21st, Home Group Discussion Starters:




1. What is the best thing that happened to you this week? Is it easy or awkward for you to tell someone else about something good you experienced?  Why is that?


2. Isaiah 12 is full of good news. Read through this song of praise.  What good news do you find here? What kind of experiences might the people of Isaiah’s time be experiencing that they would need some good news? Look at 7:1-2 and 10:5-6, 24 for a few clues to their current circumstances. 


3. How is God described in this text? What names for God are used? What do you learn about who God is? (His identity, character, and authority) And what can be learned about  what God has done? 


4. What was discussed this morning about the wells of salvation?  (v.3) What have been some wells of spiritual renewal for you? What is your life like when the wells are accessed regularly? What is it like when the wells are far apart?

5. Love over at John’s gospel for other references to this life-giving  water. 4:10,14 and 7:37-38. What observations would you make from each of these texts? How can it be said that this water satisfies if Isaiah says to keep drawing water?


6. What happens to a Christian who stops looking for a fresh connection with God? Can you recognize dryness in yourself?


7. How would you help someone renew their sense of worship to God? What have you done during spiritually dry times to renew yourself spiritually? 


8. How does your personal time with the Lord refresh your walk with God? How does the weekly gathering of the church refresh your walk with God? What other habit or spiritual discipline do you do the keep yourself in a fresh place with God?


9. Why is it that people make worship about themselves? What are some ways people do this? How can you be sure to keep the focus on God and not on your style or preference? What can you do this week to draw water from the well of salvation and renew your worship of God?