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As part of our mission statement to connect people with God and others, we desire for people to be know in a way that is not possible in a large gathering. Our home groups typically operate on Sunday evenings in homes all over Linn County. Each Sunday we provide questions based off the sermon to guide a discussion time into deeper spiritual understanding. If you are looking to connect with others, flesh out the sermon in your own life, and invest yourself with a group of loving believers, home groups is for you! Click below to get signed up!

“Check & Checkmate”       Esther 5-10           May 26th, 2019

1. What would you say has helped you grow the most as a person? 


2. What insights has our metaphor of chess given to your understanding of God’s perspective verse our own? 


3. Why is the absence of any reference to God in the book of Esther significant? What lessons can we draw from its absence? 


4. READ: Esther 6:14-7:10. Why do you think there was a delay between the first (Esther 5:5-8) and the second banquet? What happened between the two (only 1 day apart!)? What can this teach us about God’s timing verse our own? 


5. Why was this the day that changed everything?  


6. READ: Esther 9:1, 5-6, 12, 16. Why did the Jews kill so many people? Isn’t this basically murder? How could this be what God wanted?


7. READ: Exodus 17:8-11, 16; 1Samuel 15:1-3, 32-33. The Amalekites descendants were called the Agagites… many of them lived all over Babylon, as well as other ethnic groups the Israelites were supposed to have wiped out. What insight do these passages offer to explain why so many people were killed in Esther?


8. READ: Joshua 23:6-13. Why did God want those nations wiped out? What happened as a result of Israel’s disobedience? What lesson can we learn about the implications for our own disobedience? 


9. As we conclude the book of Esther, although God is never mentioned by name, what can we learn about Him in Esther?