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As part of our mission statement to connect people with God and others, we desire for people to be know in a way that is not possible in a large gathering. Our home groups typically operate on Sunday evenings in homes all over Linn County. Each Sunday we provide questions based off the sermon to guide a discussion time into deeper spiritual understanding. If you are looking to connect with others, flesh out the sermon in your own life, and invest yourself with a group of loving believers, home groups is for you! Click below to get signed up!

“DO YOU KNOW WHAT?”       Luke 19:1-10           August 18th, 2019


1. How would you do right now if someone invited themselves over to your house? What would they find that shows what matters to you?


2. Do you have any tree climbing experiences from your childhood? How long has it been since you climbed a tree?


3. What do you know about Jericho? How does Jericho make it into the story of the Bible? Read about Jesus in Jericho in Luke 19:1-10


4. What do you think is the significance of Zacchaeus climbing that tree? How did this effort affect his pride?


5. What are some ways people hang on to their “dignity”(pride) and avoid walking God’s path? Have you seen this in others? Have you done this before?

6. How would you go about finding out what matters to someone else? Why is this an important question?


7. Jesus visited people in their homes many times. Read over these different scripture texts. What observations would you note from each one? What could Jesus accomplish in a home that He could not accomplish anywhere else?

a. Matthew 9:10-13

b. Matthew 9:23-25

c. Matthew 9:28

d. Matthew 26:6-13

e. Mark 2:1-5


8. What is meant by the statement: You impress people from a distance but you influence people when it is personal. Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not?



9. Who are some people in particular that you are seeking to influence and encourage on God’s path? What kind of personal efforts are you making on their behalf?