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     You probably wouldn't be excited about the DPP the way I am. Everyday Terry and I wait for the Daily Paislee Picture (DPP) - the latest in a series of pictures sent to us of our granddaughter. Many times I have replied "I'm glad you have 18 years to enjoy that sweet girl."

Don't lose your marbles. They are too valuable, and limited in quantity.

Don't lose your marbles. They are too valuable, and limited in quantity.

     I am no animal expert, but I know enough to say that young animals are ready to move out on their own in a matter of months. As I write this I googled to discover that elephants keep their young the longest in the animal world - it is measured in years.  But there is no creature that keeps their young for 18 + years the way humans are able to do. What a fantastic opportunity.

     This reminds me of an illustration I have seen to drive home the point that parenting is a high-stakes effort calling for focus and intentionality. When you do the math you discover that a family only has their young person for 936 weeks. The 936 weeks were pictured with that many marbles in a jar with one marble removed each week. In the early days of parenting it seems like the end will never come. The last few years zip by at an unthinkable pace. We have only a limited time to get it right. What values to you want to teach your children? What values do you want to pass on? Begin today building faith into your child. Begin today being intentional in your parenting.

     How many marbles do you have left?  Check out the Legacy Marble app as a handy way to keep track of the weeks you have left.