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My Top 10 Books of 2015


 Here is the list of my Top Ten books for 2015. These are in no particular order - each one in important in its own right.

1. The Reason for God, by Tim Keller. Keller explains things so well, and this is one of my favorites.

2. Preaching, by Tim Keller. Another great book that I will read again this year. (Two other Keller books made their way into my 2015 reading and they were also excellent - Every Good Endeavor, and Prayer. And I am currently reading "Walking with God Through Pain and Suffering".

3. Fearless, by Eric Blehm. The story of Navy SEAL Adam Brown is the most fascinating read of any military / history book.

4. Don't Give Up, Don't Give In, by Louie Zamperini. Full of stories and quotes from and about Louie Zamperini, the inspirational figure from the Unbroken story.

5. The Long Run, by Matt Long. Another inspirational story (this one is not faith-based) Note: The three inspirational stories all deal with grit and determination, something sadly missing from too many individuals. This is something parents must teach their children in order for them to thrive in the real world.

6. LESS, by Anna Goodworth. The subtitle of this book "How to Raise Mission Minded Kids" delivers, after a bit of a slow start.

7. David and Goliath, by Malcolm Gladwell. The author looks first at the biblical account, then at many stories of rising above circumstances. "Your giants are never as big as you think they are" is one of the premises.

8. Crashing the Chatterbox, by Stephen Furtick. I speak often of the voices we hear in our heads. And Furtick wrote a book on that very topic - understanding what our self-talk messages are telling us and then finding God's truthful answer.

9. If God is Good, by Randy Alcorn. Alcorn is thorough as usual, and provides great foundational material to aid our understanding of one of the hardest issues for Christians, or anyone to deal with - the suffering of life.

10.The Matheny Manifesto, by Mike Matheny, manager of baseball's St. Louis Cardinals. A good leadership book from a very unorthodox coach. And he talks about grit and determination in there too.

Two bonus books for good measure. These made for enjoyable reading (#12) and listening (#11).

11. Tear Down This Wall, by Ratnesar. This book is about one of Ronald Reagan's most famous speeches, at the Berlin Wall. Reagan is one of the great leaders of our time.

12. American Gun, by Chris Kyle. I think the subtitle is 'The History of American as told in ten guns." My curious itch about firearms was scratched by this book, only to have the itch come back.

There were a few that were tough to leave out, but this list is long enough.

Let me know if you pick up one of them.