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$3 Worth of God

Three Dollars Worth Of God

By Wilbur Rees

“I would like to buy three dollars worth of God, please.
Not enough to explode my soul or disturb my sleep,
but just enough to equal a cup of warm milk
or a snooze in the sunshine.
I don't want enough of God to make me pick beets with a migrant.
I want ecstasy, not transformation.
I want the warmth of the womb, not a new birth.
I want a pound of the Eternal in a paper sack.
I would like to buy three dollars worth of God, please.”

We are in a series on Discipleship for our Sunday morning messages. Jesus laid out some pretty steep and challenging parameters for those who follow Him. Sadly, this " $3 Worth of God" is true in many cases. Here is another quote I found on the same topic:

Christianity has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found hard and not tried.

May God raise of a new generation of followers intent on going all in to follow, serve, and obey Him.