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For Linn County

   Linn County, Kansas, is a beautiful place to live. Living thirty miles from a traffic light presents a way of life that many in urban areas long for. Even the stars are brighter when viewed from Linn County (I realize it is true of any rural area, but this is where I typically view the stars). We have good people, fine schools, some outstanding businesses, and places with terrific scenery. We are just a few weeks away from passing another mile marker for Terry and me - 23 years living in Linn County. 

   However, I have observed a tendency to sell Linn County short. "What do we have to offer?" "We are from a small town. Who would want to come here?" "Do you like it here?" "How long before you go?" These are some of the comments that I have heard over the years - especially during our first years. Some years ago I was caught up in the graduation crowd outside Jayhawk Linn High School, as my daughter wore her cap and gown when someone said to me, "I guess you will be moving now that your daughter graduated." What?

    Can a community have self-esteem like a person can? Or a lack of self-esteem? This fall we are launching some initiatives to remind our communities that we are FOR LINN COUNTY. We are for the people of Linn County, for the schools and businesses, government officials and law enforcement of this place we call home. We long for Linn County children and youth to find purpose and meaning for their lives. We desire Linn County families to establish a spiritual base that allows them to survive and even thrive through any hardships that come their way. And most of all we are for our neighbors finding their identity in Jesus Christ. We want our neighbors to know that God loves them and we want to help them find their hope and satisfaction in Christ.

   Many churches are known for what they are against. We are pursuing several opportunities this fall that will serve as reminders that we are FOR LINN COUNTY.  Truths from the Bible will be communicated in each Sunday morning message to remind people that God is for them. Affirming the benefits of living in Linn County will be presented as well.  We are launching our Wednesday night children's (All Stars) and youth programs (212) because we are for Linn County's young people. We are planning to serve the under-resourced of Linn County through Faith in Action Sunday (September 3), free Oil Change for Single Moms (November 4), hosting the Linn County Resource Fair (in partnership with the East Central Kansas Council on Aging and Disability). I am also excited about a new effort to be an encouragement to our Linn County schools.

   What are you for?